Why Getting Bike Insurance Is Compulsory – and How You Can get Bike Insurance Online

Bike insurance is one of the most commonly sold types of motor insurance in India. There are mainly two reasons behind this – one is the sheer number of two wheelers in the country and the other is the legal compulsion to have bike insurance. As a result, for every bike that is sold, a bike insurance plan is also sold. If you have recently bought a two wheeler for yourself, you need to get a bike plan right away. Take a look at this article to know why you need the cover and how you can buy it online.

Importance of bike insurance in events like accident

A road accident brings about many unpleasant accompaniments. From bodily injuries to damage to property, an accident can set you back financially. You may have to foot an expensive hospital bill, pay for your bike to get repaired, pay the third party compensation or worse, deal with legal expenses.

For an average person riding a bike to work every day or a college kid taking his two-wheeler out for a joyride, spending so much money after an accident can prove to be a herculean task. This is why you need a good bike insurance plan in place. The bike insurance cover will compensate for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Third party expenses
  • Damages to your bike
  • Legal costs if the third party takes you to court

It is therefore important to have a good bike insurance plan in place. Without the plan, you won’t be able to afford the proper healthcare facilities you need to recover from the injuries. You also won’t be able to compensate the third party and you may also have to leave your vehicle in a damaged state for the lack of funds to repair it.  Hence it is essential to get a two wheeler insurance plan at the earliest and stay protected because you never know when you may get involved in a nasty road mishap.

Places where you can find best deals on bike insurance online

There is just one place you can find the best bike insurance deals – online. The online two wheeler insurance plans are always cheaper than the offline plans. So if you want to save money and get a great cover at the same time, head over to the internet and start shopping.

There are a couple of places where you can get the best deals:

  1. Directly on the insurance provider’s website: You may have a preferred insurer with who you have been associated for long. You may be very happy with the insurer’s products and the bike insurance cover they offer. In that case, you can directly go to your insurance provider’s official website and make an instant purchase. Similarly, if someone highly recommends a specific plan to you and you too feel it is useful, you can make a direct purchase from the insurer’s website. This will help you save your time and effort.
  2. On a broker’s website: While it is easy to make the purchase directly from your insurer’s website, it does make sense to first run a quick comparison on a broker’s website like Coverfox.comand then buy the bike insurance plan. You can easily and instantly compare the available options, find the best deals and then get your ideal cover. Thankfully, there are many reliable and efficient insurance aggregator websites available these days where you can compare and also buy the plan in an effective and secured manner. So do run a comparison to locate the most suitable bike insurance plan for yourself.

The bottom line

Take some time out before you choose the best possible bike insurance plan for yourself. This will help you to not just save money but to also get the highest possible cover. Like we saw, bike insurance offers a lot of benefits and is absolutely crucial. As a result, you simply cannot take your two-wheeler out for a spin without getting a good bike insurance plan first. It is very easy to get the plan. All you need to do is compare and buy. The process is quick, easy and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Go online and get your perfect bike cover right away!